Welcome to Transitions Palliative Health Care,
Your Provider of Executive End-of-Life Care

While some areas have excellent palliative services, they are geographically limited to defined areas. A search indicates that there is no entity providing worldwide concierge palliative care management. Transitions Palliative Health Care Inc. is the only provider of this service.

We are able to provide this service at the location of your choice. This could be your home if it is suited for your care. We will work with you to identify where you would like to spend your last days. Perhaps there is a location near family and friends, or perhaps you would like to come to our home office location here in the Florida Keys and see the beautiful ocean.

With Transitions Palliative Health Care, Inc. you are the only patient and will receive one-on-one personalized, concierge service. All of our employees are experienced and excellent at providing expert palliative care, therefore, we are uniquely suited to identify local providers of care that meet our benchmark standards for your care.

Palliative care is the art and science of providing relief from illness-related suffering.

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Our mission is to provide the highest, personalized, management of palliative care. We will assist persons with the transition from this world to what awaits in the next phase of their journey. In order to achieve a peaceful passing, it is essential to address the needs of pain control, comfort, spiritual peace, interpersonal closure, and bereavement. We will manage all resources to achieve this.

We will give care and comfort to people of all faiths and those of none. We will have all policies, procedures and practices in compliance with Christian principles and biblical teachings. We will conduct our business activities at the highest levels of honesty, integrity, and legality.

Transitions is committed to protecting the privacy of patients, families and significant others, by assuring confidentiality (heard and/or observed and/or received and/or recorded). Due caution is exercised so that privacy is protected and not invaded. In effecting mutual trust, all relationships involving patients, will be considered
as ones which warrant
privileged communications.